20 September 2022

The ABG is a guest at the Welcome Desk Paris on Thursday 13 October 2022 for PhD students and PhDs

Face to face interviews for PhD students and PhDs Are you a PhD candidate or a PhD holder? Are you wondering about a specific aspect of […]
29 March 2021

New process for the request of a provisional work permit (“autorisation provisoire de travail”)

new process for the request of work permit
9 November 2020

Île-de-France Student Ambassador Awards 2020-2021

Student abroad and ambassador of the Île-de-France Region all together: this is the principle of the Ile-de-France Student Ambassador Awards, the "Trophées des étudiants-ambassadeurs de l’Île-de-France". Participate in the 2020-2021 call for projects and earn a bonus for your stay.
26 October 2020

Facebook live from the Welcome Desk Paris 2020: Students, Caf de Paris answers your most frequently asked questions about housing allowance!