Do you want to learn French or improve your French?

Please find below:

  • a list of labelled “Qualité FLE” French schools in Paris and Paris Region (such as the Alliance Française which remains one of the references in French teaching in France and abroad). The course offer is very large and diverse, and for any budget.
  • a selection of resources to learn French online or in libraries
  • a selection of French learning opportunities per campus.

Good to know : some of our acc&ss centers offer French as a foreign language courses (FLE) for all or part of the public in international mobility they help. Please check :

Learn French, practice, improve your level with these websites and applications!

  • Resources on the Internet

Discover life in France through webdocs (interactive documentaries on the internet). During this journey, workshops and games help to understand, learn and practice French.

Online exercises to learn French, from videos, programs and news reports. Preparation for TCF.

Radio France International France (RFI)
Newspaper in simple French, listening exercises, preparation for TCF, teaching cards, online programs and other resources to practice and improve your French.

With QIOZ, learn languages for free with your favourite movies, series and documentaries!

Free educational e-magazine containing exercises, tests and games for learning French. This magazine is also a tool to promote French speaking. Resource and sharing site.

French language courses and exercises for learning French online for free.

Le Point du FLE is a directory of sites aimed at facilitating access to the best free French language resources (and those of other languages) available on the Internet. Interactive grammar, self-correct exercises, simulations. Le Point du FLE also designs and publishes its own self-correcting audio resources and exercises. For use in classrooms or for self-study.


  • Proofreaders

These free online proofreaders help you find and understand mistakes in a text.


  • Applications for smartphones :





You will find below courses offered by universities and other tracks and resources per campus.

With the Paris Town Hall – Municipal courses for adults

The Paris Town Council (Mairie de Paris) organises French as a foreign language courses every semester: from the end of September to February and from February to June; annually: from the end of September to June; or during the summer. They are given in Parisian schools. To enrol, apply at For more information on enrolment dates: visit or call 3975.

In  libraries

The language space, a multimedia centre for self-study, allows you to improve your French, learn 26 other languages ​​and participate in conversation groups.
Conditions for admission:
Residents of Cité Internationale: free entry upon presentation of the Cité Internationale resident card.
External public:
– University members (students, professors, researchers): €3 per day or €40 for the annual card
– Non university members: €6 per day, € 10 on Sundays or€350 for the annual card. To obtain the annual card, you must provide 2 photos and present proof of membership (student, professor or researcher card).
To obtain the annual card, you must provide 2 photos and present proof of membership (student, professor or researcher card).

Eight libraries in Paris offer language methods, books, journals and texts read in foreign languages.
Several libraries offer methods to prepare for tests and exams in foreign languages: books, CDs, MP3 CDs, CD-ROMs. These documents can be borrowed free of charge.
You can also access interactive language learning modules online from your library member account

We first suggest you to check with your school: many schools or universities offer French courses to their international students or can offer them the services of a language centre.

At Paris Est Créteil university (UPEC)

It is possible to learn French at DELCIFE

At Gustave Eiffel university (Paris Est Marne-la-Vallée)

The international relations office (SRI) offers French classes, called “cours de Français Langue Etrangère (FLE) “, to international students who request it, in order to help them go through the learning of the French language.

At ESIEE Paris

ESIEE Paris has a language centre full of resources that is available to help students improve their language levels and learn about other cultures.

At Paris 8 university

  • Département Com-FLE de l’Université : French as a foreign language courses for students and PhD students of Paris 8 university.
  • CISED association, near the university : Association helping students of Paris 8 university (PhD students included). It offers among other courses French as a foreign language.

At Paris 13 university

French courses, digital resources… the language space of the University Paris 13 for its students, PhD students…

In Plaine Commune agglomeration

At Cergy Paris university

  • CENTRE DE LANGUE FRANCAISE : The French Language Centre of Cergy Paris university helps international students to develop their communication skills in French and to deepen their intercultural knowledge
  • Centre de ressources linguistiques : for students and staff of the Cergy Paris University; access to language learning software, including French as a foreign language

In Cergy-Pontoise area

At Paris Saclay university – with your host university

Some institutions offer French as a foreign language courses. Do not hesitate to consult the website of your host institution, your Human Resources department, your Doctoral School…


UNIVERSITÉ DE VERSAILLES SAINT QUENTIN and CEREL, its Centre for Language Studies and Resources.

Université Evry Val d’Essonne (UEVE) : Science Accueil Evry regularly organizes French as a Foreign Language courses for Phd students, researchers and their spouses at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne

Teaching of foreign languages at Paris Saclay university

At Paris Saclay university, a a shared language centre

  • LE CENTRE DE LANGUES MUTUALISÉ : In March 2018, the University of Paris Saclay inaugurated a shared language centre housed in the Eiffel building of the Ecole Centralesupélec, for Centralesupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay and Paris-Sud university. It includes 57 classrooms dedicated specifically to languages, with modern video and audio equipment. It also houses a resources centre offering documentation, books, magazines and newspapers in many foreign languages as well as computer stations. A 250-seat amphitheatre, several tutoring rooms, rehearsal booths to improve pronunciation, workspaces and a cafeteria complete this space. To know more please check its Facebook page

A few local organisations (associations)

  • ALFAP, association, in Bures-sur-Yvette and Orsay, at Université Paris Sud
    • French as a foreign language courses
    • Other activities: communicative practice workshops, cooking and walks, cultural visits… Introduction to TCF and DELF exams.
    • Contact :
  • DIRE LIRE, local association, in Palaiseau
    • French as a foreign language courses, in municipal premises in Palaiseau
    • Contact :  – Tél : 06 22 77 02 01

Other ideas if you feel  lonely and/or wish to have conversations in French

  • The friends of the campus, « correspondances » program. This association brings together people who, attached to this campus, wish to promote the conviviality and the welcoming of students and open the Campus to the outside. Residents and families offer to meet one or two students regularly, to share a meal or to make visits, go to the cinema or simply to discuss, to discover their culture and to discover that of the student.
  • AVF (Accueil des Villes françaises) de Bures-ur-Yvette, Gif-sur-Yvette, Orsay
    • Friendly meetings, cultural visits, creative activities, sports outings, young moms meetings, etc. And conversations in French but also in English, Spanish, German: in Bures-sur-Yvette, Gif-sur-Yvette and Orsay
    • Conversation in French (FLE) Tuesday from 1:45 pm to 3:45 pm at the home of a French host or at the Orangerie in Gif-sur-Yvette
    • Contact