In the following section, you will find general information concerning cellphone subscription offers in France. The choice is ultimately yours. We advise that you read the conditions of sale and terms of subscription closely.


How do I sign up?

You can sign up for a subscription directly on the website of your chosen provider or in their store.

  • The subscription is generally confirmed after you send supporting documents by mail.
  • In most cases, you must open a bank account in France.
  • The SIM card is generally sent within 48 hours through the postal service (be sure to indicate the correct address).

Frequently requested documents:

  • bank details (RIB);
  • ID/passport/residence permit;
  • proof of residence;
  • check.


How do I choose?

3 main providers offer long-term plans: OrangeBouyguesSFR

4 providers offer commitment-free plans: Sosh (by Orange) – B&You (by Bouygues) – Red (by SFR) – Free

Commitment-free plans

  • between 2 and 5 euros for a plan that offers 2 hours of calling, texting, and unlimited messaging,
  • approximately 10 euros for a plan with unlimited calling in France, texting, and unlimited messaging, 50MB,
  • approximately 20 euros for a plan with unlimited calling in France, texting, and unlimited messaging, 20GO of internet.

Advantages for international clients

Different providers offer plans with international calling (for landlines and mobile phones).

Go to your chosen provider’s website to find out about your different options.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Send a cancellation letter by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to your provider’s cancellation office. You can do this at any time for commitment-free plans and at any moment after the end of your contract for long-term plans.

Your cancellation should take effect after 10 days.

You will generally find detailed information in the document entitled General Terms of Subscription (“Conditions générales d’abonnement”) in the section Cancellation (“Résiliation”).