Whether it’s the subway, the tramway, the RER, transilien trains, or the bus… you have many options when it comes to getting around in the Île-de-France region! For more information regarding transportation in Île-de-France: planning your route, maps of the subway/bus/RER, prices… check out the RATP website or the Transilien website.


How much does it cost?

To choose the right transportation pass for your situation, check out the Navigo website!

Individual tickets or a pack of 10 tickets: ticket + (Paris and nearby suburbs: subway, tramway, bus, a portion of the RER), Île-de-France tickets, “visiting Paris” tickets, “airport” tickets… there are many options for the occasional trip!

However, even if your trip will last just a few days, certain passes may be more practical! This is especially the case when it comes to subscriptions for the “Navigo” pass, which is sold by the week, by the month, or by the year, and which allows you to travel in and around all — or part of — the Paris region (an all-zones, “toutes zones”, pass allows you to travel throughout the Paris region) while keeping your expenses at a minimum. In order to benefit, you must first obtain a “Pass Navigo” (in card format) onto which your subscription can be loaded. The Pass Navigo card is free if you live in the Île-de-France region and can provide proof of residence. You can also buy a “Discovery” Pass Navigo (Pass Navigo “Découverte”) for 5€  in any train or subway station when you will only stay for a short time.

If you are enrolled in an institution of higher education in France and are under 26 years of age, you can benefit from a student rate for a yearly subscription with The Imagin’R Card.


Where can I buy tickets?

  • In train stations in the Île-de-France region, or at the ticket counter or automatic distributors in subway stations
  • In registered businesses that display the RATP logo
  • On the bus, if you are only buying individual, one-way tickets
  • To sign up and recieve a Pass Navigo, go to your nearest RATP sales office or RATP ticket window with an ID photo.


Traveling in France

For when you travel in France (outside of the Paris region), many transportation options exist. But be careful, this can easily become expensive.

  • By train – The SNCF manages the railway system in France. This is also an instance in which there are subscriptions and loyalty cards available that can lower your transportation costs. Ticket prices can easily be quite high, based on the period of the year (for example, during school vacations), the distance traveled, etc. To travel by train, visit the SNCF website.
  • By plane – the Île-de-France region is well connected; there are two airports for the Paris region: Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly. There is also a third airport not far from the Paris region: the Beauvais airport. You can books flights to travel in France and abroad on airline company websites or using online flight comparisons.
  • By bus/car – An increasing number of trips by bus are available, thus making it possible to travel for less. Of course, the bus trip will take longer than a flight or train ride.
  • With ridesharing – In recent years, many ridesharing websites have been created and allow you to travel with private individuals at a lower price. To reiterate, you will save money, but you won’t save time.