Accommodation for a long stay

Partnership with the acc&ss Paris-Ile-de-France network : Science Accueil

Science Accueil offers options for different types of furnished accommodation (homestay, studios, apartments…) thanks to a database of accommodation belonging to private owners.

In order to apply for accommodation at Science Accueil, you must be a post-doctoral researcher and registered in an acc&ss centre or you must be a PhD student or researcher depending on Science Accueil acc&ss centre.

Researchers registered at an acc&ss centre can apply for housing at Science Accueil by filling out in this online form .

Attention: before filling out the Science Accueil housing application form, it is imperative to inform your access center that you want to benefit from the partnership with Science Accueil and wait for its validation, otherwise Science Accueil will not process your request for accommodation.

Partnerships with higher education centers, reserved for post-doctoral scholars

A certain number of establishments provide accommodation for teachers, visiting researchers and their families, in order to facilitate their arrival and their stay in Ile-de-France; for example: Universities Paris 1, Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris 7, Paris 8, Paris 10, UPEC, UPEMLV, Paris 13, La Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, l’École Nationale Supérieure d’Ulm, the CNRS, etc.

Any visiting professor or researcher may be accommodated through his/her higher education centre or laboratory (if they offer negotiated accommodation), particularly :

For applications : contact the International Relations Department of the host University and/or laboratory (accommodation for  professors and visiting researchers).


University residences

Residences offering furnished apartments for students and researchers.
4 residences in Paris, 2 near the Cité Internationale campus in the 14th and 13th, and many residences in the suburb.
Résidence Irène Joliot Curie : 2/10 rue Madeleine Brès – 75013 Paris
Résidence Simone Veil : 162/168 avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier – 75014 Paris

Residence offering small individual furnished studios for students, doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars.
To be under 35 years of age, to have a guarantor, without dependent children. Online application and file to be issued.

Residences that offer furnished studios for singles or couples. 8 residences in Ile-de-France, 1 in Paris. No administrative fees, all charges included in the rate (online, on the page of each residence). Conditions: to be a professional aged 26 to 32 years old in the process of transferring or relocating, employed or in training, without dependent children.
For applications : Online application then file to be issued (only 1 file for all residences).

29 residences in Ile-de-France for students and young workers under 30, as well as for researchers and teachers. Studio to one-room accommodations.
For applications: Online application and file.

Other information: Joint guarantee requested only in case of insufficient income.

31 residences in Paris and Ile-de-France, offering furnished and/or equipped apartments, from studios to 3-room apartments. Stays from a few weeks to 1 year.
Housing intended primarily for students and trainees; available for workers according to availability.
For applications : Online application for the residence of your choice.
Families : Children can be welcome. Please check with the residence you choose.
Partnerships :
Some residences have partnerships with higher education centres in the Ile-de-France region and offer special offers.
For these special conditions, contact the chosen residence directly.
Rates specific to each residence (excluding electricity, insurance and taxes).
Administrative fees to be paid in addition for the visit, issuing the file, drafting the lease and the inventory of fixtures: 40% to 50% of a monthly rent.
Amounts indicated online in the “rates” section of each residence.
Please note that a guarantor is required.

4 residences in Île-de-France (Cergy, Champs sur Marne, Saint-Denis and Pantin); furnished and equipped apartments, from studios to 3-room apartments. Online catalogue or HERE.
Accommodations intended primarily for students and young workers but open to others depending on availability.
Filing of applications: contact the chosen residence by telephone.
Please note that a joint guarantee is required and administrative fees are applicable.


Aparthotel residences

Network of 16 residences in Paris: fully equipped rooms, studios, two-room apartments. Hotel services. Stays of at least one week.
Location, price, availability and booking online.

12 hotel residences in Ile-de-France. Fully equipped studios or apartments, stays and hotel services included or personalised. Stays of one night or longer.
Location, price, availability and booking online.

Fully equipped apartments, from studios to three-room apartments. Stays from one night up to several months. Decreasing rates according to the length of stay.
Location, price, availability and booking online.

* Special offers for researchers. More information here


Furnished apartments and guest houses

    2 options for renting rooms: guest houses or homestays. Maximum stay time: 7 nights. Furnished apartments, from studios to 4-room apartments, from one night to several months. Availability and prices online or HERE or by telephone at: 01 56 33 85 80 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Apartments, houses for rent, sharing or exchange, for stays of one week to several months. Location, price, availability and online application on the site.
    Preferential rates for academic profiles.
    Rental of furnished apartments: studios, 2-room apartments, luxury lofts, 3-room apartments in Paris. Stays from one week to one year. Location, price, availability and booking online or HERE. Email: / phone: 01 42 96 31 46 (from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.).