Usually, insurance must provide two types of coverage: :

  • Civil liability (responsabilité civile)
    This covers the renter for damage for which he or she may personally be held liable and for all damage to others for which he or she may be held liable (e.g.: flooding the neighbour’s flat). Guaranteed protection and legal assistance are included in “Civil liability”.
  • Comprehensive home insurance (multirisque habitation)
    This concerns damage to the renter’s property. The insurance is based on capital, meaning a quantified assessment of the insured party’s assets. This states the maximum amount that you are entitled to in the event of disaster.


The law requires the renter to insure his or her accommodation (article 7 g. of Law 89-462 of July 6th, 1989): «  the renter must obtain insurance providing coverage for damage for which he or she is answerable as renter… a document attesting to coverage from the insurer must be provided to the lessor as proof of this insurance ».

In the event of shared accommodation:

Some insurance covers all flatmates (check with the insurance company itself).
Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that each occupant obtain personal home insurance, in order to cover any damage to the accommodation, personal assets or to the neighbours’ accommodation or assets by each of the occupants.

Obtain insurance coverage from one of the two student social security organisations (SMEREP-Heyme Care) or from other insurance companies offering coverage for students or young workers (often under 28 or 30 and without any children) :

The acc&ss Paris – IDF network offers you an offer negotiated via acc&ss FNAK (member of our network).

AXA – Agence ABC Assurances

In order to obtain an estimate, you need to be registered with an acc&ss center , fill in this form ce formulaire and send it to ABC Assurances.

Other insurance companies also offer online quotes:

Some banks (BNP, Société Générale, Crédit Agricole, etc.) also offer home insurance contracts: check with the agency where you opened your bank account in France.

Your local acc&ss centre is available to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact our acc&ss teams !