Your application for a student residence permit can now be made online!

Your application for a student residence permit can now be made online!


New paperless procedure for applications for student residence permits from September 17th !

Brand new: Online application for your student residence permit!


A paperless procedure makes your application easier

The Ministry of the Interior has set up a dematerialized procedure for the applications for residence permits. Thus, it facilitates access to the services of prefectures for foreign nationals.

Are you a foreign student? The Digital Administration for Foreigners in France (L’Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France, or ANEF) allows you to complete your online application for your residence permit, 7 days a week and 24h/24, from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and thus makes the process easier for you. You no longer need to get a physical appointment in the prefecture to submit your file!

How to apply for my student residence permit?

You must apply for a student residence permit for the first time, renew your student VLS TS or your student residence permit? Just go to ANEF web site!

On the ANEF web site, click on “I would like to apply or renew my rsidence permit” and follow the instructions. Once you have signed in to your foreign account or created it, you will be able to upload all the documents required for your application. Think about scanning or photographing your documents beforehand, and make sure they are all clearly legible. At the end of the procedure and after having checked your data, you will be able to confirm your request. You will then receive, successively:

  • a confirmation of application (proof that you submitted your documents),
  • then a proof of extension of the instruction of your application for a residence permit (« attestation de prolongation d’instruction de demande de titre de séjour »), showing that your application is being processed.
  • and finally, if your application is accepted, a positive decision statement (« attestation de décision favorable »).

You will not receive a receipt (« récépissé ») pending the production of your residence card, but the last two certificates will justify the maintenance of your rights opened and associated with the mention of the residence permit you have been holding and wish to renew. For instance, in the case of the renewal of a student residence permit, the attestations still allow you to work as a secondary activity. You will also be able to log in to your ANEF account to retrieve your certificates.


Competitive examinations (Concours) and  schooled minors (Mineurs scolarisés) visas

Holders of competitive examination and schooled minors visas are not concerned by this paperless procedure. Therefore, we invite you to check with your local prefecture how to submit your application. If you live in Paris, make an appointment on Préfecture de Police de Paris web site.

Please do not hesitate to check the web site of your local prefecture (here for the Préfecture de Police de Paris) as the online procedure should be extended to other cases, and new appointments’ tools will be implemented, including:

  • for those who fail to complete their online process (the online process is blocked)
  • for those who need help to carry out the online process (support, or provision of computer equipment in a digital reception point).
  • for those who do not wish to carry out the online procedure.

Only approved professional photographers and approved Photomaton booths can provide a e-photograph and a-signature (digital format) compatible with the residence card application teleservice. You can recognize them thanks to a blue sticker indicating Authorized ANTS Online Services: « Agréé services en ligne ANTS ».

Once your photo is taken, you are asked to affix your signature using a pen to a tablet or touch screen. Printed photos are given to you as in a classic shot. You are also given a unique 22-digit number. When you fill in your application for a residence permit online on the ANEF website, you will just have to fill in this number to link it to the digital photo and signature.