Holders of this residence permit wishing to stay in France beyond the expiry date of their permit must apply for renewal with the prefecture of their place of residence three months before the expiry date of the permit.

Documents to be submitted

The documents to be submitted are as follows (originals and photocopies) :

  • valid « Passeport talent – famille » (family) residence permit: visa + confirmation of online validation of the visa or multi-year residence card ;
  • passport (pages related to marital status, validity dates and entry stamps) ;
  • proof of address less than 3 months old:
    • if tenant: electricity bill (or gas, water, landline telephone or Internet service bill) or rental lease agreement less than 3 months old or rent receipt or housing tax statement;
    • if staying at a hotel: hotelier’s certificate and last month’s bill;
    • if staying with an individual: dated and signed statement from the host, copy of his/her identity card or residence card, deed of ownership (or the host’s statement of residence tax or copy of the rental lease agreement or the host’s electricity, gas, water, landline telephone or Internet service bill) ;
  • 3 recent passport photographs (35 mm x 45 mm format) (no copy) ;
  • spouse’s residence card marked « Passeport talent » (or receipt of application for renewal of this card) ;
  • spouse’s hosting agreement (« convention d’accueil»)

Applicants first receive a « Passeport talent – famille» residence permit renewal certificate (« récipissé de demande de renouvellement de titre de séjour») and are then notified of an appointment for the provision of their residence card. On the day of the appointment, a €225 tax must be paid in the form of a tax stamp.

Purchase of tax stamp

Online at https://timbres.impots.gouv.fr/ (remember to save and print your receipt)

Prefectures are encouraged to put in place specific procedures for applications for multi-year « Passeport talent » cards, including for spouses. Please do not hesitate to contact your acc&ss centre to find out more about your local prefecture and the practical arrangements. Depending on your local prefecture, your host institution or acc&ss centre can sometimes take care of the deposit and follow-up of your request. Please contact them to know more.


  • If your residence permit has expired and you do not have your new residence permit yet, you can travel to the Schengen area and return if you leave it with your passport and:
    • your valid residence card application receipt (« récépissé de demande de renouvellement»)
    • along with your expired residence permit (long-stay visa validated as a residence permit or residence card)
  • If your residence permit has expired but you hold neither the new card nor the renewal receipt (« récépissé de demande de renouvellement»), you cannot travel to or return to the Schengen area without a visa.
  • Once you have obtained the residence permit, you are free to travel and go back to France with your valid residence card.

Your local acc&ss centre is available to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact our acc&ss teams !