acc&ss centres regularly offer cultural activities for doctoral students and international researchers

1- Once registered, send us an email about your interest in our guided tours. Please note that if you do not write to us after you have registered, your registration will not be validated and you will not receive our information.

2- You will receive an email for each offered event, inviting you to register for it.


Ile-de-France Region

75 – Paris

  • Guided tours of the Cité internationale campus

    L/OBLIQUE, the Heritage centre of the Cité Internationale, organises themed tours to the site, for individuals or in groups all year round. The Campus Guided Tour enables the public to discover this exceptional “city within a city” by means of 5 themed guided tours organised:

    –  architecture without frontiers

    –  an ecological park

    – a city of artists

    –  living on the international campus

    –  an urban stroll (promenade urbaine)

It is mandatory to book in advance to participate in these visits. More details about fees and registration here.


  • Meeting with a French family : 

    The Cité Internationale is in contact with families from a small village in the Paris region. Once a year, usually in October, about 20 students living on campus are welcomed by French families for a day. To learn more about this event, please write to

  • Cultural program of the Cité internationale

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    • Program of the Cité theatre Théâtre de la Cité
    • Resident of the Cité internationale, you can also contact the Residents Committee of your House.
  • Sports and leisure activities at Cité internationale : 

Practice one or more physical and sports activities at the Cité internationale. Sport offer 2020-2021

Residents of the Cité : registration at the Reception of the Maison internationale from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 7.30pm, or at the Sports department | Espace Sud Monday to Friday, from 8am to 3.45pm (documents to be provided : 1 picture, the proof of your residence at the Cité internationale (resident card) ; Cash or credit card payment, cheque to the “CIUP Fondation nationale”). Contact the sports’ service here.

Non-residents : you must sign up with the Association Paris Université club (PUC).

Participate in the Cité Internationale Orchestra and Chorale activities.


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